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Cigarette Machines

AVM Ltd. have over 25 years of experience supplying and servicing cigarette machines in the West of Ireland.

Irish law has a lot of specific requirements about the display and sale of cigarettes:

  • You must register with the Office Of Tobacco Control.
  • Any advertising of cigarettes or tobacco products must be removed from your premises.
  • All Cigarette products must be stored within a sealed container to allow cigarette sales on your premises.

With all of these requirements, it is impractical, time-consuming and expensive for a premises to handle the sale and supply of cigarettes. Security and liability are also major issues due to the cost of tobacco. Fortunately, we can provide a cigarette vending machine to suit your needs.

For bars, clubs, hotels and restaurants, we provide a secure machine that will regularly be re-stocked. We can supply coin on a weekly basis, so you can avoid the charges that banks apply to this service.

For shops, we provide a secure machine which we will install on the premises. We regularly re-stock the machine and service it should any fault occur. we can provide a bill reader so that cigarettes can be prepaid from the machine.

If you are interested in availing of our services, you can contact us at 087 2572586.